White Collar Defense & Investigations

Experience with perjury, false statements, and obstruction of justice allegations. Defense, negotiation and resolution of cases involving fraud, corruption, money-laundering, bribery, embezzlement and government contracting.

International Extraditions

A proven record of success in federal extradition investigations and prosecutions. Extensive experience and collaboration with federal agents and prosecutors.

Federal Criminal Defense

Death penalty litigation, trial of large gang conspiracy cases, RICO & CCE prosecutions, and transnational prosecutions.

Appellate Advocacy

A distinguished and renowned appellate practice with a record of accomplishments in direct appeals as well as post-conviction relief.

Civil Litigation

Representation of parties in trials, arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies, and federal, state, and local courts.

National Security Law

Securing remedies for economic sanctions, including OFAC, specially designated nationals, International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), and circumvention of export control regulations.


Effective legal representation begins with the unbending defense of a client’s rights and protection of their interests. Our lawyers collaborate worldwide with clients to handle complex transactions and litigation facing individuals and businesses in a new era of globalization.

We serve clients throughout the United States, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. Established in Washington, D.C. in 1994, our firm is a recognized international litigation law firm . We have served clients in almost every U.S. state and in more than 20 countries.

“Retureta & Wassem helped me very much with their professional & quality legal approach. They offer business services and personal services. They have a number of highly experienced lawyers who can support you through your legal issues.”

– A Satisfied Client